La Biennale di Venezia di Architettura 2016 – Padiglione SERBIA

Sestiere Castello, Giardini della Biennale, Venice, Italy

2. Serbian PavilionHEROIC: Free Shipping

Commissioner: Ivan Raskovic. Scientific Committee: Ljiljana Miletic Abramovic, Igor Maric, Aleksandar Bobic, Milan Ðuric, Vladimir Milenkovic, Vesna Cagic Miloševic, Maja Ciric. Exhibitors: Stefan Vasic, Ana Šulkic and Igor Sjeverac.

Venue: Giardini

A curved floor draws two opposing sides in the Pavilion of Serbia. Heroic / Freeshipping, reflects on the idea of trenches separating opposing factions, raising the soil and forcing people who are on either side of the great room to an open confrontation.

The blue space is filled with sounds that reproduce alternation of the keyboard typing and mouse commands. Each command typed becomes a separate rhythmic figure, fast or slow, soft or hard. Bearing in mind that the confirmation of each command is the “space” key, the biggest key, activated by the thumb, this gives the rhythm and binds the individual sound figures in rhythmic phrases. These elements are used to compose the structure of the soundscape. The layering of sound landscape contributes to the “spaciousness” sound experience.

As explained by the exhibitors – “The project reflects on the problematic position of young architects in our profession, it sheds light to the severity of the system they are presented with and offers a deviation as an only space for further actualization in a climate of relentless competition and hyper-connectivity, thus resisting the absolutist character of postindustrial capitalism. As a possible way out of this feeling of systemic constriction, a route of the joint sailing opens up. The Pavilion will echo with the presence of the crowd, celebrating the energy and perseverance in the desire to highlight the importance of the existence of a joint effort.”

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