La Biennale di Venezia di Architettura 2016 – Padiglione BRASILE

Sestiere Castello, Giardini della Biennale, Venice, Italy

8. Brazilian Pavilion – JUNTOS

Commissioner: Luis Terepins, Bienal de São Paulo Foundation. Curator: Washington Fajardo. Exhibitors: João Felipe Wallig, Goma Oficina, Leticia Monte, Nanda Eskes, Mario Quintanilha/Paulo, Pedro Henrique de Cristo, Caroline de Cristo, Plus D Studio, Mauro Bonelli, Tia Surica, Ruy Rezende, Dyonne Boy, Tia Maria, Pedro Évora, Pedro Rivera, Merced Guimarães, IPN, Damião Braga, Quilombo da Pedra do Sal, Pequena África, Tia Ciata, Giovane Harvey, Sara Zewde, Junior Perim, Vinicius Daumas, Rodrigo Azevedo, Vik Muniz, Basil Water, Chico Rocha, Bruno Porto, Lula, O Norte, Dona Dalva, Terra Tuma Arquitetos Associados, Laura Taves, Clarisse Linke, ITDP, Zé Lobo, Transporte Ativo, Studio-X, Fernando Assad, Elisabete França, MMBB, H+F, Roberto Andrés.

Venue: Giardini

The Fundação Bienal de São Paulo has selected Washington Fajardo to present an exhibition titled “JUNTOS.” The project for the Brazilian pavilion highlights stories of people who have fought to achieve changes in institutional passivity in Brazil’s big cities. They have created architecture within slow processes, bringing stable solutions in a politically tumultuous territory. According to the curator, “the exhibition is a composition of these pathways and partnerships, where activism meets architects and architecture, becoming a magnet in the preparation of a new space.”

According to Luis Terepins, president of the Fundação Bienal de São Paulo, Fajardo’s project is particularly suited to the general theme of the international event. “By establishing a dialogue between Brazilian architecture and contemporary international discussion, the Biennale aligns with the core mission of spreading the culture of the country in the global context.”

Afro-Brazilian culture, historical centers and access to culture through architecture and design are the stories of the Brazilian pavilion in a search for what it means to be together (juntos). The exhibition brings together process and their current states, which can be in designing stage, still-to-be-done, or finished. These are processes that speak of architecture, urban planning, cultural heritage, literature, social activism and technology; as a result, videos, photos, letters, articles, poems, texts, facts, drawings and data are also part of the show, “composing a memorial for these lives intertwined in improving the built environment, in their communities.”

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