La Biennale di Venezia di Architettura 2016 – EVENTI COLLATERALI “GABINETE DE ARQUITECTURA”

Sestiere Castello, Giardini della Biennale, Venice, Italy

23. Gabinete de Arquitectura’s “Breaking the Siege”

Architects: Gabinete de Arquitectura / Solano Benítez, Gloria Cabral, Solanito Benítez Asunción, Paraguay.

Venue: Giardini

Winner of the Golden Lion at the 2016 Venice Biennale

Bricks are the iconic element of Solano Benítez’s studio and Gabinete de Arquitectura’s exhibition “Breaking the Siege”. Bricks are very versatile, cheap and easy to manufacture – even marginalized areas of the world can afford to build houses with brick. The admiration of  the poetry of brick and experimentation with its versatility is showcased through the reliance solely on bricks as the main construction material. Designed by Solano Benítez, Gloria Cabral and Solanito Benítez, it awarded the Golden Lion for Best Participant in the International Exhibition, Reporting From the Front, for “harnessing simple materials, structural ingenuity and unskilled labour to bring architecture to underserved communities.”

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