Cino Zucchi’s Five housing blocks in Venice

la Giudecca, venice, Italy

On the island of Giudecca, the abandoned industrial area of the Junghans factory has been turned into a residential neighborhood. The complex of buildings, in part already occupied and that can today be visited, is the outcome of a competition by invitation announced in 1995 by a private enterprise in collaboration with the City of Venezia. The winner was Cino Zucchi. A general plan for the whole area (an urban improvement scheme) was developed from the competition project. Later, the design of the various buildings was commissioned to Cino Zucchi, Boris Podrecca, Bernard Huet / Lombardi-De Carlo, Giorgio Bellavitis and the Archè group. Part of the new housing is earmarked for semi-subsidised housing, some of it is for university dormitories, and another part of it for sale.

The new complex is situated at the centre of the island. To the north the plan takes up the pattern of the existing fabric, in an intelligent micro-town-planning surgery. The presence of the new buildings is diluted in the network of existing routes, extending and reinforcing it through new openings and connections. Some of the industrial buildings have thus been maintained, cut, and transformed, or substituted by other buildings insisting on the same foundations.

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