Facoltà di Economia “Federico Caffè”

Via Silvio D’Amico, 77, 00145 Roma

The Facoltà di Economia “Federico Caffè” is a university complex, in Rome. It is composed of three joined constructions: The classrooms and library building; the laboratory, workshops and studios building, and the general management. It is also connected with the urban life with the ability for the public to access different communal spaces: the cafeteria, the parking and many other public areas inside the complex.

The building plan is a projection of the three functions: education, research and administration. Theses are divided in three buildings, that are formally independent and with their own identities, but in a clearly interlocked manner. Their is a functional and environmental compatibility of users, tasks and planned building.

The morphological and spatial expression of the building complex reflect the general articulation of the activities hosted by it. The large central atrium welcomes the autonomous and spontaneous activities of students, it also allows the organization and the management of extraordinary events.

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