Accademia d’Egitto di Belle Arti

Via Omero, 4, Rome, Italy


Proposed by the Egyptian artist Ragheb Ayad, the Egyptian Academy of Fine Arts was born in 1929. Ayad believed that it was extremely necessary and important that Egyptian artists have a space to broaden their talents and stimulate their creativity in all artistic fields. He had seen that the artists would have a fruitful experience while representing their country in Italy.

In 2008, the Academy underwent major restructuring which involved the complete renovation of the interior and the facade. The renovation was lead by the architect Hatem Saeed with construction supervision by an Italian studio. The architect integration of stones, similar to the Ancient Egyptian monuments, and the contemporary glass windows show the cultural differences between the two countries, while visually appealing and effortlessly fused together. The buildings design and architecture grasps the importance of its role in Rome for both Egypt and Italy.

The building houses the first Egyptian Museum in Rome that boasts priceless pieces from the Egyptian Museums in Egypt. In addition to its role as a  promoter of culture and exchange, a whole part of the Academy is made up of “studios”, intended to house Egyptian artists who spend a period in Italy as part of the academies residencies, programs and collaborations with Italian artists.