Chiesa Del Santo Volto Di Gesu’/ Church

Via della Magliana, 162, Roma, Italy

“How to reconcile a vision of the divine, something that has generally been represented using the symbolic forms of the circle, sphere and central plan, with the requirements of a modern culture that tends to avoid the ideals of wholeness, perfection and hierarchy?” This was the overarching problem for Sartogo Architetti, who intelligently resolved it in the Chiesa Del Santo Volto Di Gesu’ Church in Rome.

They took two steps, to resolve this issue, firstly creating a semi-circular church hall with a exterior apse, also semi-circular in form, to complete one another. Secondly, placing a large round window, reminiscent of medieval rose windows, in the perimeter wall. This coupled with the emerging form of a semi-dome suggesting the possible transformation of the virtual circumference of the plan into a sphere. The path that separates the church from the parish centre is a highly symbolic space and converges towards a focal point that is dominated by a narrow and elongated cross.